Monday, 16 April 2012

The Cobalt Connects - March 27th, 2012

Hello, right now I am going to tell you about our field trip we went on as a class to visit The Cobalt Connects. The Cobalt Connects is located in Jackson Square, where they have their own space for people to come when wanting to build a team and product. 

We had the pleasure to meet Jeremy Freiburger who is the Chief Connector and Cultural Strategist and Steph Seagram who is involved in the Community Connections Lead. 
The image to the left is of Jeremy and Steph.

They were both very welcoming and helpful in understanding how Cobalt Connects works. I really enjoyed going there and learning all about it. If you would like to learn more about Cobalt Connects - here is their website - its a great website and really helps you get an understanding of it. 

Business Card and Letterhead for New MindSets

 Here are my business card and letterhead for New MindSets.

Logo for New MindSets

Here is my logo for New MindSets

Storyboard for New Mindsets

Hello all, here I have created a storyboard for a website called New MindSets. I wanted to make it fun for people to use and make it enjoyable while creating their courses.
The main page is flower pots that will have different wording on each of them, allow the student to access each one. Once they click on a flower pot for a certain category it will open them into a new page that will have the flower pot and gardening tools around it. Your mouse will be a watering can that will water your flower once you click on the different gardening tools. Each gardening tool will represent a different section to help build your course.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Final for the word "Return"

For this design I wanted to give that feeling of having someone you love return home from a trip. I still always get excited when someone I love is home. It's always nice to go away on a trip or for school and knowing that feeling when you come home how happy you are to see everyone again!

Final for word "puzzled"

Here is my image for the word "puzzled". I like this one. It's simple and gets the point across. I wanted to have the people looking confused and puzzled and tie it into my theme of travel. If any of you of been to a country where you don't know their language or where anything is, than you know what these two people are thinking!

Inspiration Image for the word "puzzled"

I decided to use this image created by J.P Miller. I love J.P Miller's artwork. Again, I wanted to go with the cartoon look. All my designs are like that. These images inspire me to draw unrealistic images!

Inspiration Image for the word "vocal"

This image is designed by J.P Miller. I used it for inspiration for my design for the word "vocal". I wanted to use the cartoon look, that's unrealistic but real at the same time. I thought one was simple but yet creative and got the point across. That's what I wanted my design to look like.

Inspiration Picture for the word "popularity"

I used this image designed by Maurice Logan for my inspiration for my design for the word "popularity". I chose this image because I liked the idea of her being on the beach and enjoying her time away.
I decided to put someone on the beach, enjoying the sun but allowing popularity to get in the way and is unable to actually enjoy her time away.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Illustration Friday - VOCAL

This week for Illustration Friday the word is "Vocal". So I decided to incorporated the word vocal and use vocalist. I am designing Ads for Travel and thought it would be sweet to create an Ad for crazy fans loving famous people aka vocalist. 
I hope you guys enjoy this one!